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alfa1 was born when Merapar, MStack, Haystaq, Group9 and bright-r came together to build a powerhouse for ground breaking cloud solutions. Combining our knowledge and expertise, we are able to deliver truly cutting edge technical solutions, on a global scale. We believe in a customer-centric software movement for the future and together as alfa1, we are steering this in the following markets: media & entertainment, high tech, finance, e-commerce & logistics, and public sectors and utilities.

Some of the clients trusting us with their most critical systems, serving millions of end users

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Why work for alfa1?

We believe there is one crucial factor to continuously succeed: our passionate and professional people. By running a rigorous recruitment and onboarding process, we only employ the most talented people. We hire, train and educate to ensure ongoing individual and team development. It’s our duty to care for our elite team of technical experts; Our prodigies. We cherish their diversity, and their differences. We look after their wellbeing.

Combining the skills and competencies of our employees, we expect ever greater levels of knowledge sharing, and opportunities for individuals to realise both personal and professional growth. Through continuous investment in training and certification, we maintain abreast of the latest technologies. 

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Senior in 2 years? Join the alfa1 academy!

Do you want to be a Senior in two years? Then it’s time to jump on board with the alfa1 academy! Kick your career in .NET, Java or automated testing by joining our elite 2-year program. If you are bursting with passion, we will be eager to guide and mentor you to success.

You will start your alfa1 academy journey by working with some of our top clients, along with other alfa1’s. Your hands on experience, weekly practical training, and ongoing mentorship will put you on the road to success. After successful completion of the 2-year program, we will help you to find a job as a senior, and you will be well on your way to Lead, Scrum Master or Architect.

Learn from the best, with the best, and be the best!