Set top box diagnostics for Wind Vision

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Wind Vision is a digital television service based on a Broadband IPTV infrastructure. Wind Vision wanted to be able analyze set top boxes diagnostics data. alfa1 developed an end to end solution, from the data retrieval from the set top box to data visualization and dashboards.

wind vision

Wind Vision

Wind Vision is a digital television service introduced by WIND Hellas. It is based on a Broadband IPTV infrastructure, where digital sound and vision is carried through a telephone line to a Set-Top Box and the customer’s TV


alfa1 developed a complete solution to analyze diagnostics data from the set top box. Set top boxes in the field send diagnostics data to a data processing cluster on a scheduled basis, where it is processed before being visualised in Kibana.


  • Automated retrieval of statistics
  • Cost effective data storage for statistical data
  • Serverless solution, scalable by design
  • Powerful processing and data visualisation deliver real business benefits
  • Easily create user-defined dashboards

wind vision